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You will not miss any reservations - you will learn about them well in advance via SMS, email and via the application.

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You decide how many places, for how many people and when you make available for booking. You have full control and real-time preview directly from your phone, tablet or computer.

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Get rid of questions about booking from Facebook, Instagram, email or contact form. Direct those interested directly to your profile on Zjedz.my, where they will immediately see available places for specific hours.

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Gain new customers and get to know the current ones better. Find out when they like to come and what their habits and preferences are. Everything in accordance with the GDPR.

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Use more effective communication channels with customers and reduce current costs for online advertising. Thanks to the presence at Zjedz.my you will gain access to a database of users from all over Poland

Restaurants with online reservation

301 restaurants in Poland